36th Season 2024
36th Season 2024 


The Vision

A century ago America and Europe were united by strong bonds of musical appreciation. Separated after two wars, these important cultures can be significantly reconnected through the shared experience of high-level chamber music.

Music is a medium of powerful and direct communication, which can create moments of profound understanding, and insights that are beyond the power of words. Chamber music, so-called from the smaller spaces and numbers of performers typically involved, provides an especially intimate and compelling musical experience.



The Mission

Founded in 1988 by Frank Dodge, an American cellist living in Germany, Spectrum Concerts Berlin has become well established and widely acclaimed in its native city. Presentation of music by contemporary American composers has been an integral and important part of its presence. Two American Music Weeks hosted in 1990 and 2000 by high-level political and cultural figures were enhanced by lectures and art exhibitions. Highly praised CD’s have made the group’s work available worldwide. Spectrum Concerts Berlin has also organized programs for European music students including two visits to the USA. With the wide acceptance in Berlin, Spectrum Concerts Berlin – USA, Inc., Expanding the Language of Chamber Music has been organized with a mis-sion to extend the work of Spectrum Concerts Berlin - performances by the professional ensemble, master classes and related cultural experiences.