30th Season 2017 / 2018
30th Season  2017 / 2018 

                            Spectrum Concerts Berlin auf CD

Release in 2016. Click above to read reviews.
Produktion des Schulhoff Streichsextetts am 4. Januar 2016

Boris Brovtsyn, Valeriy Sokolov Violine

Philip DukesMaxim Rysanov  Viola

Jens Peter Maintz, Torleif Thedéen Violoncello 

Eldar Nebolsin Klavier


Release in 2015. Click above to read reviews


Boris Brovtsyn, Alexander Sitkovetsky Violine

Maxim Rysanov Viola

Jens Peter Maintz, Boris Andrianov Violoncello

Eldar Nebolsin Klavier

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MusicWeb Aufnahme des Jahres 2015


NOMINIERT für einen 

ICMA 2016

"The playing, from the star-studded Spectrum Concerts Berlin, is technically immaculate, and where a few liberties have been taken in shaping long-flowing phrases, they are tasteful and in keeping with the Russian Romantic era. Very good sound, and a fabulous release." © 2015 David’s Review Corner, David Denton


"The excellence of this album makes it a match for any release of

Russian chamber music I have heard for some time." 

MusicWeb InternationalMichael Cookson, November 2015


"Probably now the one Arensky CD everyone must own, a treasurey of some of the best-ever Russian Romantic chamber music. (That string quartet with two cellos - the only thing more gorgeous is the Borodin quartet.) And these are defining

performances by a starry cast of Russian soloists.

© 2015 MusicWeb InternationalBrian Reinhart


"I liked the Tudor recording, which I listened to first. But the Naxos is much better. There is more joy, more ecstasy, more elan, more tension, more shape to the phrases—and slightly better sound. There is not much difference in tempos, but the buoyancy of the players on Naxos (Russian, despite the Berlin home base) makes the music much more winsome."   © 2016 American Record Guide, VROON 


"Splendid playing, marked by perfect intonation, ensemble balance, and tonal warmth, conjoined with emotional engagement, interpretive intelligence, and superior recording, add up to a very strong recommendation for this release." 

© 2016 FanfareJerry Dubins


Spectrum Concerts Berlin auf CD

Janine Jansen Violin

Joel Waterman Viola

Frank Dodge, Christian Poltera Cello

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer Clarinet

Ron Schaaper Horn

Daniel Blumenthal Piano


"All the playing is remarkable!"


Awarded the Rosette by the PENGUIN GUIDE


"These are among the the composer's most winning music, making a superb disc, brilliantly played and recorded...inspiring dedicated playing!" THE GUARDIAN


"Spectrum Concerts Berlin immaculate accounts of some of the most sublimely beautiful music of the era." THE STRAD

Janine Jansen Violin

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer Clarinet

Bernhard Krug Horn

Daniel Blumenthal Piano


"Harbison's first appearance in Naxos's American Classics' series brings wonderful new recordings of three of his best chamber-music pieces from the 1980s-performed by members of a first-rate new-music group active in Germany, Spectrum Concerts Berlin

...the music shimmers through your senses as elusively as quicksilver.BOSTON GLOBE


"The disc of John Harbison's chamber music is an absolute winner...Everyone who loves chamber music needs this disc!" FANFARE  


"These are important contributions by one of our major compositional figures, given in well-rehearsed and immaculately played performances." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Janine Jansen, Quinten de Roos Violin

Ronald Carbone, Hartmut Rohde Viola

Frank Dodge Cello

Ron Schaaper Horn

Robert Helps, Daniel Blumenthal Piano


"It was like looking at a beautiful castle at night in the reflections of the face of a lake that is stirred by winds." BENJAMIN WEINER


"It is an enchanting work, residing comfortably in an oasis which both feeds on and ignores the icons of contemporary music." RUSSELL SHERMAN 


"On this CD Helps gives a highly evocative performance of his Shall We Dance (1994), and distils effects of exuisite beauty from John Ireland's Darkened Valley."


Christian Poltera Solo Cello

Thomas Carroll Conductor (cello concerto)

Priya Mitchell, Julia-Maria Kretz Violin

Hartmut Rohde Viola

Frank Dodge Cello

Stacey Watton Bass

Marieke Schneemann Flute

Nigel Shore Oboe

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer Clarinet Catherine Maguire Bassoon

Bernhard Krug Horn

Daniel Tummes Percussion


"This recording is excellently played!"



"Überhaupt zeichnen sich die Berliner Musikanten nicht nur durch ihre unbekümmert freche Gangart aus. Besonders im Cellokonzert, das mit seiner asketischen Ensemble-

besetzung aus Streichquintett, Bläserquintett und Schlagzeug ein Pendant zu Schön-bergs Kammersinfonie sein könnte, begegnet man neben Drive und polyphonen Proportionen (Finalsatz) einem sehnsüchtig suggestiven wie gleichzeitig zerbrechlichen Klangkolorit, in dem die ganze Aufbruchsstimmung des konservativen Wiens steckt." RONDO 


"The two pieces here are terrific: An American founded Spectrum Concerts Berlin, a chamber ensemble with ace players from all over the world. They make delicious work of the suite and provide sensitive accompaniment in the concerto. Anyone with an interest in early modernism will eat up this stuff."


Annette von Hehn, Julia-Maria Kretz Violin

Hartmut Rohde Viola

Frank Dodge Cello

Daniel Blumenthal Piano


"The violin sonata is a wizard piece, one that Stravinsky, Hindemith or Prokofiev might have been proud to call his own, played to the hilt by violinist Annette von Hehn and pianist Daniel Blumenthal. The three Burlesques share the same spirit, and Blumenthal delivers sparkling, virtuoso performances...Cellist Frank Dodge, playing a rich, deep instrument, elevates this solemn music (Impromtus) to near-masterpiece status." FANFARE


"Anyone who cares about 20th Century chamber music should hear Toch's sonatas, trios, quartets, and the 1938 Piano Quintet. This splendidly-performed-and-recorded Naxos disc, with interesting and informative annotations by the composer's grandson Lawrence Weschler, is a perfect place to begin -or continue."



"Spectrum Concerts Berlin provides committed and powerfully rendered performances, all captured in first-rate sound. Toch fans need not hesitate in acquiring this excellent disc." CLASSICS TODAY

Robert Levin, Ya-Fei Chuang Piano

Julia-Maria Kretz Violin

Jens Peter Maintz Cello

Bernhard Krug Horn


"We have some first class, sensitively authoritive performances here. Walden's music is never obvious and can be subtly withdrawn."



Annette von Hehn, Elisabeth Glass Violin

Hartmut Rohde Viola

Frank Dodge Cello

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer Clarinet

Ya-Fei Chuang Piano


"...The quintet, an early work from Hindemith's 'enfant terrible' years, receives a fierce, all-in performance that suits the music exactly; Wouters is fabulously flamboyant here, with technique to burn.

...Enthusiastically recommended to Hindemithians, chamber music mavens, and clarinet fanciers." FANFARE


 "The Three Easy Pieces for cello and piano are totally unpretentious and much more than teaching pieces, or pieces specifically for students. They are rich and inventive morsels which can stand the big interpretation they receive here." MUSIC WEB


"This splendid Naxos release includes excellent performances of music that is entirely worth getting to know. CLASSICAL SOURCE

Annette von Hehn Violin

Hartmut Rohde Viola

Jens Peter Maintz Cello

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer Clarinet

Katya Apekisheva, Jascha Nemtsov Piano


"Spectrum Concerts Berlin gives us nearly an hour of very well-played Toch. There are two other releases in the series which I certainly want to hear, but in the meantime we get some masterful examples of a composer that well deserves recognition. Anyone with a penchant for early moderists will revel in this release. Highly recommended!"



"There have been other recordings of some of these pieces, but I've not heard any that particularly impress me. This whole CD is interesting, and the violin sonata seals an enthusiastic recommendation." FANFARE

ATOS Trio - Thomas Hoppe, Annette von Hehn, Stefan Heinemeyer

Robert Helps, Naomi Niskala Piano

Ronald Carbone Viola

Frank Dodge Cello

Marieke Schneemann Flute

Bernard Krug Horn

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer Clarinet


"Both of Robert Helps's formidable artistic gifts are represented on this revealing two-disc collection. There's the composer of piquant and poetic chamber music, and there's the pianist who gave supple life to his own works, as well as pieces by other composers. These complimentary aspects paint a portrait of a bold musician with the facility to transform and illuminate in myriad styles...Helps was no imitator...the music is always suffused with distinctive clarity, vehemence and pensive drama...meticulously detailed performances by the ATOS Trio and an array of splendid colleagues." GRAMOPHONE

Alexander Sitkovetsky Violin  

Hartmut Rohde Viola

Jens Peter Maintz Cello

Naomi Niskala Piano

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer Clarinet

Armida Quartet


"By complementing and to some extent overlapping the four volumes of Mamlok's music already out on Bridge, Naxos has confirmed the importance of a delicate, highly tuned voice with a minimalist's flair for pace and flow."                                                                                    GRAMOPHONE


"So sinnlich kann Neue Musik sein! Kraftvolle Gesten, ein sicheres Gefühl für Farben, Nuancen, erfindungsreich durchdachte Struktur, Rhythmus und Artikulation prägen die Werke von Ursula Mamlok." CONCERTI

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