30th Season 2017 / 2018
30th Season  2017 / 2018 

John Harbison, Alan Magee and Lawrence Weschler

Composer John Harbison, artist Alan Magee and writer Lawrence Weschler are in-delibly connected to the Spectrum Concerts Berlin story. In interviews with Emily Paine and John H. Beck, they speak about their relationship to Spectrum Concerts Berlin. Their conversations evolve easefully, giving us some wonderful moments of reflection about being in the creative arts.


Spectrum has performed and recorded numerous chamber works of John Harbison. He has attended and participated in Spectrum's concerts and lectures at the chamber hall of the Philharmonie and the American Academie Berlin, and he became an honorary member of the Friends of Spectrum Concerts Berlin in 2000. John Harbison has been vitally important in helping Spectrum Concerts Berlin stay attuned to the music scene in the USA. 


Painter Alan Magee is most significantly connected to Spectrum through his Mono-types, which were exhibited in the Philharmonie during Spectrum's American Music Week Berlin 2000. Archive, a catalog of the Monotypes, was published in cooperation with Darkwood Press and Spectrum Concerts Berlin in 2000. A performance of Erwin Schulhoff's string sextet was the impetus resulting in a recent work, "Septet for Erwin Schulhoff", which will appear on the cover of the Schulhoff CD being released on the NAXOS label in September 2016. Magee's work is seen on numerous other CDs, programs and posters of Spectrum, the most memorable being "Dancer".


Lawrence Weschler is an accomplished prize-winning writer and educator. He is also the grandson of composer Ernst Toch, whose work Spectrum Concerts Berlin has championed for years. Weschler has often attended these concerts and lectured about his grandfather. In this interview with John Beck, Weschler speaks about his grand-father, his music, and the ups and downs of being the heir to his legacy and its steward. In cooperation with the Ernst Toch Society in Los Angeles, Spectrum has been able to realize the completion of three CDs of Toch's music, numerous concerts and a USA tour in 2009, taking the ensemble to both New York's Carnegie Hall, the Villa Aurora and the Goethe Institute in Los Angeles. 




DANCER, Alan Magee
John Harbison



Alan Magee
Lawrence Weschler

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